The Lazy One’s Weight Loss Guide to get in Shape !

Want to have a beautiful body but laying on the couch eating pepperoni cheese pizza and watching YouTube videos seems a much better option .

Well who doesn’t like that ?

But still a bloated belly makes you feel a bit ashamed and awkward when hanging out with your squad , so what have you decided to do about it ?

Keep sitting in the couch and dream about having a ripped look or just take little amount of action and be the person you have always imagined to be ?

Of course you haven’t clicked on my captivating pin if you were willing to do a 1 hr cardio workout session and eat plain veggies all day but obviously you will have to make some minor compromise’s and be persistent with them to see a change surely it will take time but it will be worth it.

Start with a little effort then keep it going and then go hard , in this way your body will not feel a big deficit of calories.

1. Eat in a Smaller plate :

Hang on there if you think this wouldn’t work at all after reading the sub heading.

Let me tell you how your eyes trick your mind , when you eat in a normal sized plate , until you have eaten all in the plate you are tempted to eat more .

So reducing the size of plate wont affect your pshycology but your brain will still make you feel you have eaten a full plate.

In the end you will be eating much lesser because of the difference in size of plates which can significantly drop your weight , and this little tweak also doesn’t require a big pocket nor sweats your butt off.

2. A little Calorie burn :

Believe it or not but if you are not working out through out your weight loss journey, you are probably going in the wrong direction.

Yeah , this is a lazies guide and you don’t wanna hit the gym but still you still you have ┬áto sweat your body to get some fat burn.

Let atleast 15 mins in your day aside for a workout , You can try Pushups , plank and crunches .

To Do :

To speed up the process of eliminating of belly fat , try crunches , this doesn’t just burn your belly fat but will strengthen your abdominal muscles and build your core. I would recommend starting with 20 a day then increase by 5 a day , you can also try other types of crunches like Reverse crunches , Twisted crunches and many other ab exercises.

These two exercises don’t require any strength or intense force but you are just moving your body so it is great for lazy people who don’t wanna give an extra effort.

3. Drink the right things :

It would make no change at all if after doing your workout you just emptied a soft drink can or a Sugary Beverage.

These cheap drinks make you fat and waste your hard work .

Instead try Coffee or Green tea these little known secret fat burners can help you in losing weight , because these beverages contain antioxidants.

4. Sleep more ?

Why ? Won’t it make you more lazy ?

Well then you need to know that sleeping less can make you fat instead of sleeping more.

Sleeping just does not increases your metabolism rate but prevent diseases like diabetes and obesity .

A study also finds that lack of sleep can reduce the effect of dieting into half , so getting more sleep could be the best weight loss option for lazy people.

These were some easy but effective tips for the lazy peeps who are looking to improve their body physique with an effective plan.

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