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4 Simple Hacks To Lose Weight For The Lazy People

weight loss for the lazy

Everybody wants to have a healthy diet but very few people decide to do something about it and quit being a couch potato.  

There’s no doubt everyone should be proud and confident about their physical appearance but sometimes you also need better judgement to decide whether how your current food choices and physical activity will affect your health in the long term.

No doubt starving yourself should not be the goal for anybody but nor does completely living on junk food, so the ideal diet need to be somewhere there in between.

And making a good habit never happens overnight, its a slow and steady process which requires commitment.

To make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by the change it needs to happen gradually, starting with making little changes in your life and then slowly building along the process.

That’s why in this post you will only find advice you can actually implement in your daily schedule without having to hate it.

1. Eat In A Smaller plate :

size of plate comparison

Now I know you weren’t expecting this but just hang bear me with me if you think this wouldn’t work.

when you eat in a normal plate ,  you rarely ever fill the plate to the top, because it then seems too much to so you eat in smaller portions but then you have to take food 2 3 times which actually ends up being more than the original plate size.

So how Its better if you just eat in a smaller plate ? Just fill it to the top and by the time you are done you will be feeling full because subconsciously you have the same feeling of eating a full regular plate and to make it better grab a smaller spoon instead of normal size tablespoon.

In the end you will be eating much lesser because of the difference in size of plates which can really help drop your calorie intake, and this little tweak also doesn’t require a big pocket nor sweats your butt off.

2. A little Calorie burn :

woman doing push up

Believe it or not but if you are not working out through out your weight loss journey, you are missing out on major progress opportunity.

Yeah, this is a lazy guide and you don’t wanna hit the gym but still you still you have to sweat your body to get some fat burn.

Get at least 15 mins in your day aside for a workout, You can try Pushups, plank and crunches

Check out the easiest workout for women at home.

3. Drink the right fluids :

healthy fruit drinks

It would make no change at all if after doing your workout you just emptied a soft drink can or a sugary beverage.

Energy drinks make you fat and waste your hard work .

Instead try black coffee or green tea, these little known secret fat burners can help you in losing weight, because they great amount of contain anti-oxidants.

4. Sleep more ?

Why? Won’t it make you more lazy?

Well then you need to know that sleeping less can make you fat instead of sleeping more.

Sleeping just does not increases your metabolism rate but prevent diseases like diabetes and obesity.

A study also finds that lack of sleep can reduce the effect of dieting into half, so getting more sleep could be the best weight loss option for lazy people.

These were some easy but effective tips for the lazy people who are looking to improve their fitness with an effective yet simple plan.

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