How To Get Six Packs In 6 Days : The Smart Way !

Firstly if you aren’t willing to cut down on your calories you can get off this blog post right now ( please don’t ) because if you don’t sacrifice for your goal your goal becomes the sacrifice.

Well there are ton of other people telling you to do this and that and I even I can’t guarantee the results unless you Put in the hard work and sweat to really achieve your goals.

Well without further lecture let’s dig into the Diet you need to follow.

1. Confusing Carbs :

Some weight loss experts have labelled Carbs bad for our health which is wrong , because the ones we should avoid consuming are refined carbs as they digest very quickly eventually leaving us hungry which include pasta , spaghetti , white rice , white bread and cookies.

Well there are ton of good carbs which we should consume especially after workout because our body is starving essential nutrition to heal back the muscles and prevent tiredness .

Good Carbs may include Oats , bran rice and whole wheat.

2. Protein Packed Breakfast :

No doubt eating less will help you get rid of the fat above your abs but according to Wiki How , People who take Protein rich breakfast in the morning feel much less hungry throughout the entire day .

The best morning snacks which can help you with protein include Eggs , Greek Yogurt , Cheese and many other.

3. Forget Packed Snacks :

Packed or Processed snacks are pure junk for your body , they don’t have vitamins and minerals in them except pure fat which can be easily stored in to your body.

Instead eat fiber full foods which take much longer to digest and keeps you full for much longer like Broccoli and nuts like Almonds which are  extremely full of Vitamins.

4. The Workout :

Now it is time to grind and sculpt the abs of your dreams .

For beginners it would be better to start with basic but effective exercises like plank , sit-ups , crunches.

A. The Hanging ab Curl :

The hanging Ab Curl is a more effective and fun exercise to build your core and abdominal muscles.

Hang on a Pull up bar and then bend your knees and try pulling them up towards your chest.

When starting out you can begin with few but then aim for 2 sets at least of 10 reps.

B. Super Woman :

Confused with the name ? Don’t worry this simple and fun exercise does not require any Weight lifting .

Lie down on a exercise mat with your face facing the floor and extend your legs and hands outward and then lift them up and attain a posture as if you are flying while putting all your weight on your abs.

This effective workout strengthen your glutes , abs and hamstring hence burning a lot of calories.

Well this was the short tutorial for how you can get Six pack Abs with least but effective working out and limiting calorie intake.

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