5 Steps To Kill Belly Fat For Women At Home !

Have you ever dreamed of having a perfect body but it just seems impossible.

You want to look good and feel good but your hanging belly says no Every Time.

Almost every other overweight person looks in the mirror and gets upset because everyone desires a beach body to show off.

Belly fat just does not only show that you are overweight but also unhealthy.

But who even want to get rid of it cannot  because they just cannot run 10 kms a day and starve themselves.

Surely if you want to achieve your dream body you have to make some sacrifice.

Start slowly and then steadily increase the efforts , don’t be impatient and with time you will be happiest person in the world.

So if you really want to lose the excess belly fat and love handles around your waistline  , you first have to understand that you must be consistent in order to burn down the desired amount of calories.

You will have to follow a strict diet plan , increase your gyming efforts and alot more .

Starting with the diet .

1. No To Carbs , Yes To Veggies !

Simple Carbs are enemies of flat abs , foods like rice , and white flour products such as spaghetti, pasta , lasagna are digested way more quicker leaving you hungry and which tends you to eat more .

Vegetables are Complex carbs and are digested slower which makes you feel full till a longer time  

Vegetables contains a lot of fiber and water which even helps you get rid of constipation and fastens your metabolism which ends up burning extra calories.

Try vegetables with hummus instead of Chips and dips.

2. Do Your Cardio !

Cardio exercise can super charge your weight loss journey by burning a high amount of calories eventually toning your muscles, legs , and core .

A  90 minute session of cardiovascular exercises at least 4 times a week can make a large deficit of calories.

The best cardio exercises you can do for weight loss is cardio kickboxing, boot camp workouts with interval training.

High interval training means that you can do short intense bursts of cardio joint with slower activity.

Exercises like running , swimming are also very helpful in burning great amount of calories.

Special Tip :

One  exercise which i would recommend doing is jump roping because it has some crazy effects on your belly fat and is really effective in toning your upper body which is the reason Boxers and MMA fighters jump rope a lot.

All over Cardio is considered very significant in weight loss and helps you become more sleek and thin.

3. Ban Sugar For Good .

Sugary Beverages are very harmful if taken at a regular intervals like daily , they just don’t increase weight and make you Fat .

But can cause Serious diseases like Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

Instead you can make juices at home which will be far more nutritional  and almost non Harmful.

4. Go Green !

Green tea is a great way to lose weight with out any effort just like water.

Green Tea is not an ordinary beverage, it has some great benefits like Essential Nutrients , Anti oxidants , anti cancer elements and is also great for your Brain chemistry.

Studies suggest that people who drink around 2.5 cups of green tea per day lose almost 3 pounds of weight in just 3 months without much effort.

Workout At Home !

A. Crunches :

Crunches is a popular abdominal exercise which helps you kill belly and stomach fat . It also strengthen your abs and core.

Start slow with 20 crunches per day , you can switch to reverse crunches and Bicycle crunches to burn your side fat.

B. Plank :

Plank is one of the most effective exercises to get your abs popping and burn belly fat.

You should start your daily home workout with a Minimum 30 sec plank as it just doesn’t build your core but also acts as a great warm up exercise for your whole body.

I Hope you guys find this helpful !

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