How to Stay Motivated When Losing Weight !

Do you want to get in shape and change your lifestyle this summer but your bullshit excuses always comes in the way and you decide to drop it on tomorrow.

Well who doesn’t wanna have that attractive body physique, which guys like but admit it who’s gonna sweat the butt off for it .

But Ladies it isn’t just about attracting men and have a beautiful body , it is also about believing in yourself and have that confidence in your life.

Well if you have been in search for a external motivation which will the drive the fire in you , then it is just like finding water in a desert because if your own dreams can’t inspire you then believe me nobody can .

However if you can’t find motivation then why not create it.

1. Cop Some New Gear :

Maybe your bored of wearing your 2 year old training shoes and sleeping suit to hit the track , then why don’t you get a makeover , buy new training shoes and a proper gym wear so you look like pro even when you aren’t.

Not only new training shoes will be much lighter so you could feel as if your bare feet but much soft and cool looking.

In this way not only you will gain confidence in yourself but also style.

2. Don’t stick in a Place :

So if you have been bored running on a track and just need an environment where you can force yourself to compete and do the work , join a gym and it would be better with a partner as you both will inspire each other .

Or you have been crazily sweating your butt off in the $100 gym and wanna let go , then I have just the thing for you , grab a bike and a partner to give you a company and just think yourself as lightning McQueen , just don’t hurt yourself.

3. Let Music Take Over :

It’s nothing new that People in gym use music as a partner when they are alone but the relation between physical activity and music doesn’t end here.

According to Science, People use music as a gateway to their past memories and emotions whether good or bad and how can we forget that no matter where our favourite jams comes out we unleash our inner Shakira .

Not only this but it is also found that Workout effort increases upto 15% when People listen to fast music tracks better in the gym rather than the music track which has slow beat because People try to catch up with the beat.

4. Try the Tech :

Well if you want to really hit the park , your best partner can be your Smart watch , and it is nothing new that there are tons of fitness features in smart watches nowadays.

They can tell you your Heart rate , distance you covered during a walk , number of calories you burned during a cardio session.

Not only this but there are also a ton of new Apps which help you meet your fitness goals by providing you with daily fitness workouts and much more.

5. Pay yourself :

The best way you can pay yourself for the hardwork can be recording a video documentary showing your daily diet routine , workout sessions throughout your weight loss journey and then when you achieve your ideal goal , put it on YouTube and start a Fitness motivation channel and YouTube will later pay you to host Ads on it.

Other way can also be Blogging if you are not comfortable doing a Video series , you can spread your message through text and pictures which is also quite easy.

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