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Burn 100 Calorie In Just 10 Minutes : 5 Fun & Easy Exercises!

Losing weight can be a hectic task especially when you barely got time to exercise but we have to do a little calorie burn to fasten up the weight loss process.

Busy schedules and lots of excuses can make you lazy especially when you seriously got no idea what to do.

Since this is a quick 10 minute workout, it would be better to try Short High intensity workouts rather than continuous cardio sessions .

1. Jumping Jacks :

Jumping Jack Exercise

A Jumping Jack is a full body warm up exercise . It is a fun exercise which instantly activates various muscles all over the body.

The best thing about a Jumping Jack is that it is very easy to do for almost everybody and since it is an aerobic cardio exercise it keeps your heart healthy, and not only this but the Jumping Jack has quite some amazing benefits like fat loss by burning a good amount of calories, improving flexibility and stamina .

2. Squats :

Squats is one of the most effective exercises one can do. It mainly works out your Butt, thighs which includes hamstrings and quadriceps but also affects your lower back and abs.

Squats is quite a vital exercise which strengthen your legs and for those individuals who are interested in strength training can use a barbell  or a dumbbell to increase it’s effectiveness.

3. Crunches :

Crunches are a great exercise to build abdominal muscles and obliques. They are very effective in burning your belly fat which also helps in strengthening your core.

You can easily perform a basic crunch by lying down on your back and bending your knees and placing your hands either behind your neck or crossing on your chest, then you just need to move your shoulders towards your knees.

Once you are able to do a good amount of reps, switch to other alternatives like twisted crunches in which the setup is same but you lift one shoulder at a time in a cross way.

4. Push-ups :

Push-ups are one of the best body weight exercises to increase strength and fine tune your whole upper body.

The best part about a Push-up is that it is a whole body functional exercise from strengthening your chest to building up the core, it does it all but there is also a worst part as around 70% of the people do it wrong because form is the most vital part of a Push-up. 

Click here to find out how to do a proper push-up!

5. Jump rope :


Jump Rope is a Boss Calorie burner and is much better than running, it doesn’t require any strength training it’s just you and a jump rope.

A 10 minute session of Jump rope given below can burn around 110 calories .

Workout :


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