Burn 100 Calorie In Just 10 Minutes : For Lazy Gals

Losing weight can be a hectic task especially when you barely got time to exercise but we have to do a little calorie burn to fasten up the weight loss process.

Busy Schedules and lots of excuses can make you lazy especially when you seriously got no idea what to do .

Since the time is also limited, it would be better to try High intensity short workouts rather than continuous cardio sessions .

1. Jumping Jacks :

A Jumping Jack is a full body warm up exercise . It is a fun exercise which instantly activates various muscles all over the body.

The best thing about a Jumping Jack is that it is very easy to do for almost everybody , since it is a aerobic cardio exercise it keeps your heart healthy , not only this but the Jumping Jack has quite some amazing benefits like Weight loss by burning a good amount of calories  , Improving Flexibility and Stamina .

2. Squats :

Squats is one of the most effective exercises one can do. It mainly works out your Butt , thighs which includes hamstrings and quadriceps but also affects your lower back and abs.

Squats is quite a vital exercise which strengthen your legs and for those individuals who are interested in strength training can use a barbell  or a dumbbell to increase effectiveness.

3. Crunches :

Crunches are a great exercise to build abdominal muscles and obliques. They are very effective in burning your belly fat which also helps in strengthening your Core.

You can easily perform a basic crunch by lying down on your back and bending your knees and placing your hands either behind your neck or crossing on your chest , then you just need to move your shoulders towards your knees.

Once you are able to do a good amount of reps , switch to other alternatives like twisted crunches in which the setup is same but you lift one shoulder at a time in a cross way .

4. Push-ups :

Push-ups are one of the best body weight exercises to increase strength and fine tune your whole upper body.

The best part about a Push-up is that it is a whole body functional exercise from strengthening your chest to building up the core , it does it all but there is also a worst part  as around 70% of the people do it wrong because form is the most vital part of a Push-up.

5. Jump rope :


Jump Rope is a Boss Calorie burner and is much better than running , it doesn’t require any strength training it’s just you and a jump rope.

A 10 minute session of Jump rope given below can burn around 110 calories .

Workout :

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