17 Keto Fat Bombs that taste better than Candy !


So if you been thinking to start the Ketogenic diet,  you may seen this Keto Fat bomb recipes all over the Pinterest that almost everybody is supposedly drooling over.

Well it’s quite an interesting read, since keto diet is a strict low carb diet , around 75% of your calories comes from healthy fats , 15% from proteins and rest from carbs.

Most of these healthy fats come from coconut oil , cheese , butter , nut butters and avocado.

Fat bombs are just like energy bars when it comes to their purpose , yet not only they satisfy your cravings but also provide great amount of fat to your body to help you reach ketosis or stay in ketosis , so they are just like treats but just not sweet .

The Best part about them is that after 3 to 4 you feel full unlike traditional sweets which make you feel hungry after a short time.

1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups :

This Keto Fat bomb is a perfect fusion of Chocolate and Peanut butter and is definitely a yum to try .


2. White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups :

If White Chocolate is your thing instead of the traditional dark chocolate then this keto fat bomb recipe is perfect for you.


3. White Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs :

If you don’t like Peanut butter at all then this White chocolate fat bomb recipe is exactly what you need to satisfy your cravings.


4. Almond Butter Fat Bombs :

Would you love to add a little bit nutty flavor to your  then these super easy and simple almond butter fat bombs is all you need .

They just need 4 ingredients to make and are delicious af.


5. Almond Joy Fat Bombs :

Is coconut your thing ?

Then this coconut and almond combination will surely become your next favorite thing to satisfy your sweet tooth.


6. Coconut Oil Fat Bombs :

This tasty coconut and chocolate blend just tastes as good as it looks , made with just 4 easy to get ingredients this short yet yummy recipe is a must try .


7. Fudge fat Bombs

Missing Candy while on Keto  ?

Say no more with these yummy chocolate fudge fat bombs  made with cacao powder and 4 more easy to get ingredients.

Click to find out.


8. Keto Fat Bombs with Cacao and Cashew :

These fat bombs are a yum overdose made with chopped cashews and cacao powder will make you feel as if your eating a truffle.


9. Mocha Ice Bombs :

Did anyone say Coffee ?

Coffee is almost everybody’s go to drink to focus , eliminate tiredness and what not but this fat bomb is perfect combination of Coffee and Chocolate but also contains cream cheese to increase the goodness.

10. Chocolate Coffee Fat Bombs :


11. Cream Cheese Dark Chocolate Fudge :

Talk about a full Desert , these cream cheese and dark chocolate fudge fat bombs just don’t sound yum but taste too.

12. Cookies And Cream Fat Bombs


13. Mocha Latte Fat Bombs :

Can’t forget that yummy Starbucks mocha latte to which you lost your heart and soul.

It’s time to replace your ex which was just sugar with a healthy mocha latte blended with cream cheese.

14. Chocolate Coconut Fat Bombs :

15 . Strawberry Cheesecake :

These strawberry Cheesecake fat bombs are going to be your next favorite thing if you have been missing your delicious desserts .

16. Almond Pistachio Fat Bombs

17. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fat Bombs :

Hope you guys find this post helpful , Do give your opinions in the Comment Section !

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