Simple Workouts For Women At Home To Get Ripped !

Being fit and healthy sounds so good but when it comes put in the work, our motivation backs out and so does our body.

Getting ripped abs and bigger muscles is not the objective for many, some people like myself just want feel great about our body and be confident in how we look.

But being healthy does not only conclude of working out all the time, it also includes you knowing how healthy you eat throughout your day and how much calories you burn.

Your simple concern when trying to lose weight and becoming a more health conscious person is to eat less junk and burn fat to keep your muscles active.

No workout should contain an hour long treadmill run and intense weightlifting sessions unless you are an athlete. Instead start with these easy workouts  you will actually enjoy doing.  

Crunches :


Crunches are a popular abdominal exercise which strengthens your core and helps you lose stomach fat. 

There are various types of crunches but you should start from simple one.

Once you are able to do at least 25-30 crunches per day, you can switch to reverse crunches and bicycle crunches which helps burn side fat.

Plank :


Plank is one of the most effective exercises to get your abs popping and burn belly fat.

You should start your daily home workout with a minimum 30 second plank as it not only builds your core but also acts as a great warm up exercise for your whole body.

Push Ups :


Push-Ups is the best exercise to do if you want to stay healthy and strong.

It builds your upper body strength and tone your chest muscles.

It is the best home workout you can do to strengthen your shoulders, chest muscles and build your arms.

Can’t even do a single push-up ? Watch this Video !

Squats : 


Squats is a very popular exercise mostly among women as it helps in shaping your butt and burn fat around your thighs.

However one thing you may not know about squats is that it burns a great amount of calories which results in weight loss.

Start with 3 sets with 5 reps each of squats 3 times a week and gradually start doing it with dumbbells to make it more effective.

Lunges :


Lunges is an easy and effective home workout exercise and helps build your lower body strength just like squats.

According to, A 30 minute cardio session and a 15 minute session of lunges can burn almost 400 calories for a 150 pound person and a walk or swim after this can boost results by double. 

Reverse Dips :


Do you want your Flabby arms to go away? Well nobody hates slim arms but people think weightlifting is only option to tone your arms and triceps.

No! the easier way can be reverse dips, it is a great home workout to get your triceps popping as you lift your own weight just like when you do push-ups.

The best way to do reverse dips at home!